Wednesday, January 26, 2011


So my new years resolution was a grand one, to organize my life. Not just a closet or a cabinet but my entire life. I'd been feeling overwhelmed and out of control for months and needed it to stop.
I knew this was going to take time and it has been almost a month now but I feel well on my way.
First I tackled my nasty counter in the kitchen, I'm sure some of you have one. the one that you put everything you don't already have a handy home for, the junk mail you forget to toss, and the hair ties and bits of toys that find their into the kitchen. SO, I started with this spot. I took a couple of days as it required me to then organize spots I decided these homeless things should go. So annoying how that happens, I found some Cold remedy that I had bought and opened the cabinet that houses our medicine and first aid kit. What happened? Yep, it started falling out all over the floor around me, we had been stuffing it full without throwing away anything! Everything had to come out, expiration dates checked, things tossed and put back in. That took up my free time during nap that day and all I managed to get off of the counter was one box of cold remedy... ugh. So, as the days have been going by I've found homes for more and more and finally, I can say it is presentable, not great, presentable. It's OK, I expected this. I am resolved to keep at it and move on to all of the other hiding places in our house. Like the drawers in the dinning room hutch! those will be so annoying. That's it I should try that today. Change my self talk or at least my response to it.
It is best to change the way I think about these types of things, instead of feeling the dread and letting it stop me I'm going to see if I can jump up and tackle the dreaded area and get it out of my head and off of its seemingly endless list of things that need to change.


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