Monday, April 4, 2011

Gluten Free/ Dairy Free for a month now!

So, after learning about my Son's allergies we decided to make the whole family eat the new restricted diet. We want him to feel normal and not like the only one not getting the "good" food.
After a month on our new diet we are all feeling much better!! I had no idea how it would affect my family- it has been amazing. the first two weeks were SO HARD, after the initial withdrawal symptoms we were OK.
Our family is now eating fish, vegetables, amazing new grains in homemade bread, goat cheese instead of cow's milk cheese no soy, no peanuts or cashews and no eggs. Of course we still eat meat. I have learned so much and am still on the steep part of the learning curve but am feeling like we have a handle on it.
I am going to try to find us ways to eat out at restaurants and I've decided to review local places to help people in my area.
Stay tuned for that.
A great store to shop at for allergen free foods with many options is Fruitful Yield- Joliet location - They have a number of stores in the area and an online store as well.
Check them out and I'll be back with more soon.


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